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Donald Porter

"Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong."


SGR Agristeel has been a familiar name and a leading international indenting house of agricultural commodities, mainly red lentils, yellow peas, green peas, chickpeas, pigeon peas, and oilseeds. Our visionary approach has enabled us to widen our reach to popcorn kernels and other similar items.

We have always believed in working as the backbone of our clients. Our enterprise has a dedicated follow-up process, right from the shipment of the item until the payment and end use. Every consignment is confirmed only after our associates have diligently scrutinized the Agreement Sales Contract, and when all the terms and conditions are made clear to the parties involved.

We abide by the GAFTA rules and the international quality standards to help our patrons get the best quality at a feasible price. We believe in staying committed to our buyer and seller throughout the business transaction.



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One of the first crops ever domesticated, lentils are a nutritious food legume that is one of the primary sources of protein for much of the world today. Canada is the world’s largest producer of lentils, followed by India, Turkey, and the United States. Lentils can also be processed into flour, which can be added to cereal flour to make bread, cakes and baby foods.


Peas are the predominant export crop in world trade and represent an estimated 40% of the total trade in pulses. Canada, the United States, and the European Economic Community are the three largest exporters of peas in the world. Peas are among the four most cultivated legumes next to soybeans, groundnuts and beans Dried peas, a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber.


Oilseed crops have been grown all over the world and are considered important crops due to their economic value. Oilseed crops are primarily grown for edible oil. Recently, it attracted more attention due to increasing demand for its healthy vegetable oils, livestock feeds, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and other oleochemical industrial uses. The increased interest resulted in an 82% expansion of oilseed crop cultivation areas and about a 240% increase in total world production over the last 30 years.

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